Questions from Facebook!

Hey beauties!! So I posted a status on my Facebook page about FAQ's.... I wanted to answer everyone but it got to confusing on there... I copied some of your questions and answered them for you :) Hope this helps!! Let me know if you want me to add any questions.


1. What color is your hair?
I dye my own hair :X I use Garnier Olia
I always use 2 boxes and I buy one medium brown and 1 dark brown!

2. Hair care tips to help coloured hair grow and become thicker and healthier
Biotin helps hair growth! Again everyone is different so some things may work
better for some people. I'll do an updated hair care routine ASAP!

3. What are your favorite extension brand?
Bellami hair 100000% :) I have a 5$ off coupon: Carlibel55

4. How many times a week do you wash and blow out your hair?
I wash my hair every 2 or even 3 days! My hair never gets greasy (luckily)
so I can make it work for 3 days! 


1. What foundation is good to cover up pimples?
Try getting the neutrogena concealer with acne treatment in it!
apply that under your foundation!! Use a BB cream :)

2. What perfume do you use?
Just bought "Be Enchanted" from bath & body works!

3. Can you tell us how you keep your armpits so light 
I don't do anything! I just shave them with a normal disposable razor!

4. Any advice for ance and ance make up me and 3 friends struggle bad!
I used to have acne! One thing I love is astringent... Sea Breeze
and also Oxy pads are great for drying up pimples. Everyone has different skin
so you may have to try some things before you find what works best for you!

5. Are heels supposed to be comfortable? Do you use any kind of cushioned soles?
The balls of my feet kill me after wearing pumps for more than an hour Are Louboutin's
more comfortable/better fit because they are more expensive. I am sure
your a heel person and your used to wearing them. HELP and THANKS
Oh god no!! Heels kill me! I have flat feet so all heels bother me more than usual!!
Wedges are definitely a lot more comfortable... my suggestion, save your highest shoes
for nights where you no you'll be sitting A LOT! lol

6. What facial cleansers do you uses daily, your skin looks amazing for someone that uses make up everyday!!
I have a video on my skin care routine.. I use the same face wash that I used in that video!
I use Nerium now its an anti aging cream that I love... people say my face looks different..
I think my skin just looks younger and it's softer!!! Click HERE to see info about it.


1. What is the best Under eye concealer?! One that doesn't crease?I love the Laura Mercier secret camouflage, definitely worth the $$!That using my beauty blender AH. Heaven. I'm going to make a video!

2. What is your favorite foundation?
Foundation.,. right now HD by Makeup Forever
but i've been using Smashbox BB cream in place and I love it!

3. Any suggestion for a good primer for the oily skin???
Right now I love Laura Mercier primer .. just bought the smash box oil control primer!
I'll keep you posted!

4. is makeup primer really important before applying makeup?
I dont think so personally.. I use it sometimes but on a day to day basis I don't!

5. Hey sweet Carli girl! I have watched pretty much all ur videos but u have an insane
amount of eyeshadows! Lol! After having four kids I'm trying to make time to put my
face on everyday. Is there one MAC pallet that u recommend? Saving time  from flipping
pallets? I kno u did the "on the go school video" but not necessarily rushing in the morning
just simplifying. Like a travel pack. What to bring on vacation without bringing ur whole
vanity lol!
MAC you can make custom palettes !!! I have one with all biege and brown colors in it! Honestly though for rushing and very light makeup try the ELF palette... its literally $10 and has every color!

6 Good brushes for Makeup!!!
So making a video for this xxo


1. Are your eyes real or contacts?
REAL! Swear :) They always look brighter when I look into natural sunlight

2. What is your ethnicity?
I'm Russian, Austrian and Irish

3. How tall are you?
5 foot 2 and 1/2 !!! lol shrimp status :)

4. What quote, you repeatedly live by to inspire yourself day by day situations?
"Stay Strong because You're worth it." Its the background on my phone!
It really helps seeing it :)

5.  It seems you were artistic when you were younger , like me.
What inspired you to go into makeup and how is the whole experience ?
Yes!! I use to take art classes when I was younger.. Always loved
to draw and paint.. got into makeup around 13 or 14 when my older
sister would always wear it! Started collecting and practicing and through
trial and error I figured what looks good and what doesn't :)

6.What do you do for living? Are u a makeup artist? A model?
I own my own business doing makeup for special events like weddings,
sweet 16's, proms etc.  :) Notice the ads before my videos? That also pays me once a month. I am not a model.. I have done a few modeling
gigs, but never pursued it! 

7. Are u gonna sell anymore of your clothes :) I want to buy them all
Eventually :) I have to clean it out again!!! hehe

8. How old are you??
22! I'll be 23 on October 17 YAY LIBRAS! lol

9. Hey! what's the meaning of your tattoo, the one that has like 2 hearts.. it's so cute btw (:
It means "If your heart is always open, Love will find its way in." :) <3

10. Have you ever traveled to other countries before and If yes then where ? :)
Yes!! I've been to the Bahamas, Haiti, Mexico, Canada and a bunch of other islands !!
My dream vacation would be to backpack through Europe! I want to go all
over! Australia is also on the top of my list.

11. Do you get injection to make your lips bigger or those are your natural lips ???!!!!
A lot of you have asked this lately!! I have never had any sort of plastic surgery done!!
Never had lip injections!! I've had big lips forever, everyone used to make fun of me! 
but it was good because I was a pro at putting on lipstick without looking at age 10 :)

12. Has someone broke your heart? and how did you get over it .
 I have had moments in my life where I felt like my heart was broken,
but you can only pity yourself for so long. You have to accept the change,
get yourself together, and move on. I believe everything does happen for a reason, so
although there are times where I have been completely broken, I've always recovered stronger
than before :) Positive energy, country music and all of my beautiful followers have really
changed me for the better !!

13. How do you find the money to keep up with your shopping addiction?
Haha new this was coming... I do have a slight addiction but I work hard for my money
so its fun to splurge here and there. I own my own business doing hair and makeup
so I'm always booked on weekends and sometimes during the week for events like weddings
sweet 16's, proms, etc. It's good money and I absolutely love making people feel beautiful,
so I really got lucky that I can do what I love and get paid for it.
*I also now get paid by advertising companies hence the ads on my videos.

14. What gets your attention with a man.... not a guy or a boy.. but a Man... like one you would
really like to know and understand? money? status? Teeth? Hair? Popularity? Strength?
Emotions? you tell me. I asked YOU a question! ;P lol
A Respectful, genuine person is most attractive in my eyes. A man who has values and
knows how to be a gentlemen. Unfortunately this day and age its very hard to find any
of those things. Physically i'm attracted to taller guys.. I love nice eyes, nice smile.. but 
all those things do not matter if they treat you like crap. I know what I have to offer in a 
relationship.. so I wont settle for less than I deserve!

15. How do you deal with the negativity that some people have towards you?
Don't get me wrong, it does hurt to see people be so mean when they don't even know me,
but realistically if I tried pleasing everyone, i'd never succeed. I know I am a good person,
and my passion is to help people. Some people don't understand that there are people in
this world who really do have love and drive and passion for people! It's ok because most
of you can see (HOPEFULLY) how genuine I am, and how much I appreciate all the love
and feedback I get. Honestly, I am in love with what I do and the good out weighs the bad :)

16. Any advice for girls who want to start their own channel?
Be yourself. That's all you can be. If it is something that you really want to do,
keep up at it, continue to learn new things, and make it the best video it could
be! I think i'm proof that hard work does pay off. Don't give up on your dreams!

17. What's your biggest fear!
I have a huge fear of spiders and bugs... I know typical for a girl... but mine is
serious.... like I literally have had a minor heart attack in certain situations :X


1. What camera do you use?
Nikon 1 LOVE IT

2. What editing software do you use?
Final Cut Pro X I have a IMAC

3. Lighting for videos?!
I have my vanity lights from my vanity by Vanity Girl Hollywood
I also have a ring light


  1. Aww I wish I knew you were doing this. :( I wanted to know if your kit for work is the same kit for your business and if you can do a video on your train case (kit) and what you pack?

    1. I meant kit for yourself is the same for your business. sorry

  2. I was very curious what false lashes you used in done if your photos?

    1. what photo?? I usually don't wear them unless I'm doing a dramatic look in a video!

    2. Its a photo you have on your fb. I commented on it there too, lol.

    3. I usually use Ardel lashes! the wispies are my favorite!!

  3. Did you go to beauty school/ do you have any certifications of any kind? I want to start doing makeup too but I haven't gone

    1. Never went to school :) Self taught!

    2. Thanks for answering :) You definitely inspire me to start my own business!

  4. hey..... do you know of luxy hair extensions, and what do you think of them, would you recommend them? thinking about buying some

    1. I bought Luxy hair extension and I hate them! I had to go to a hair salon to get them cut because when I put them in they looked choppy and uneven. I bought the thicker hair thank god(I have thin hair) I also had to put a toner on the hair since it looked more yellow then bleach blonde... Hope that answered your question... I would not recommend you wasting your money on shitty quality. Next time I buy extensions I will buy the ones Carli bought... Or haircandy? I can't remember the website

  5. Thanks for answering all these questions! I had one more I saw someone kind of ask on Facebook that wasn't on here (if you have the time & energy!):
    What kind of work outs/exercise do you do? You're in amazing shape!!

    1. Hi Cassidy,

      In watching her videos, I came across a video where she speaks of this. =)

    2. Oh awesome--thank you! I'll go back and watch, thanks again!

  6. I still can not believe those are your real lips :o you're so lucky girl... how could anybody make fun of your big lips ??!!! they're gorgeous... I'm sure they've been so jealous of your lips ;)BTW, thanks for answering my question, love youuuuuuuuuuuu so much <3

  7. You are such a awesome person, for taking the time to answer ppl's questions! It shows how dedicated you are to your followers. I have a question and I will appreciated if you would answer! On your back to school video, what bronzed is it that you used? I know you said the color is deep dark. I can't find it on the Mac website. I love the color on you. Hope you can reply to my question! Thanks and keep inspiring! <3 :)

    1. here babe! Dark Deep !

  8. What is your favorite top 3 MAC lipsticks? (:

    1. Creme de nude, impassioned and Asian FLower!!! my top 3 summer favorites :)

  9. Your sucha a great person for taking the time out to listen and hear out all of our questions by the way. Your awesome! :)

  10. I hope you answer this
    I have light brown eyes and light golden brown hair and light skin. Would you recommended dyeing my hair darker like a medium brown to make eyes and skin pop thank you:)

  11. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!

    You answered at least 3 questions of mine! =D

    I also love doing makeup, it's always been my passion since I was a lil brat! I've started doing a lot of my friend's makeup and hair. I'm not charging at the moment, as I want to build my little portfolio. I figure in time the more the merrier clientele and I'm hoping it will turn into a side job that I will LOVE and enjoy!

  12. I was wondering if you could put together a playlist of the contry music you always talking about?
    I like your blog and youtube channel so much and look forward to the next postings / movies :)

  13. Hi Carli. Ive not been to new jersey. Ive been to new york, miami and orlando. Whats it like there? Im english.

  14. what is the name brand of the self tanner you use?

  15. are you still doing a degree in business ? what do you want to do when your graduate!! and i think you need to come to london so many opportunities here for someone like you!! im coming over to open a new kurt geiger store in new york is thatt far from new jersey :)xxxxxx

  16. Hey girl my birthday is October 16th yay!!! Loved all your responses were awesome no sweat :) I tried the photo ready foundation and I love it thanks much.

  17. Hey! Thank you for your response! I really really appreciated for taking the time to answer back :). Love ya! <3

    1. It's great all that information about you, cause it allows us to know you even more. I have another question, the Bella Mi hair extensions can be sold in Argentina too? Please Would u answer my question as soon as u can? thanks xo

  18. Your amazing and I honestly hope all your dream come true! Your a true inspiration!!! You deserve the best in life!!!!

  19. I absolutely love your videos seriously obsessed! Me being a Jersey girl like you, we seriously have so much in common! Im going to be a senior in high school and I was wondering if you could give me pointers on how you started youre own makeup and hair bussiness sinc eyou said in one of your videos you started young! I would really appreacaite if you could respond back! xoxo Tori

  20. Hey carli my name is vanity and I've been a fan of yours for a while but I wanted to know where did you get that lacey button down sleeveless top at ? I'm currently following you on instagram as vanitys_world

  21. hey carli abouut this response to the annswer "9. Hey! what's the meaning of your tattoo, the one that has like 2 hearts.. it's so cute btw (:
    It means "If your heart is always open, Love will find its way in." :) <3" i wanna know whats the name of this symbol, or where you take it from, it is of a special symbology or something like that?, i want to get it sorta like that :) thnkiu xoxo;* Sugey From Mexico

  22. Im interested in getting my hair color like yours. Do you mix the 2 hair dye colors together or do u use them alternating? Can you do a video?!

  23. What self tanner do you use!???

  24. Hey carli. Would love to know what fake tan you use, as you mentioned that you use one and was going to post a video about it but i havnt come across it. Would really help me as i swear ive tried every single tan on the market! Haha xx

  25. Heya carli just wanted to ask if you've ever tried Estée Lauder double wear foundation...if so wat shade are you? Or in mac or any other brand, you always seem to get that nice coverage and glow ith just a foundation! Amazing!!

  26. What are some fo your favorite lip glosses from MAC? Any advice of how to get into the make-up world? How did you?

  27. How often do you wash your extensions? Do you allow them to dry naturally, or do you clip them in wet and blow dry them? Dying to know!

  28. what photo editor could you use simular to yours if you currently don't have a mac ?

  29. I can't believe that your eyes are real, not contacts. Beautiful! you look nice for your natural eyes.

    color contacts canada

  30. I wanna in getting my hair color like yours.also you look nice for your natural eyes.I like your blog and youtube channel so much , hope if you act in movie or serie :x
    remove blackheads naturally

  31. is the ring light you use attached to your camera or is it separate? and where do you get it? a camera store? thanks :)

  32. where did u get your iphone case from???? its sooo cute!!

  33. CARLI :D What is your ethnicity?

    1. She answered this above in the "About Me" Questions. Russian, Austrian, & Irish.

  34. Hey Carli

    Loved this post you did and big fan all the way from South Africa..

    Hope to see more video's like these..

  35. What shade of the foundation do you use?

  36. Loved that you try and answer everyones questions


    IM HAVING A GIVEAWAY SOON with my new brushline... you have to subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated 

    Or go to my blog to see my Fashion outfit of the month :)

  37. i see you posted this in 2012, you said u use a nikon 1 camera? do you still use the same one?

  38. ok so i know you get your earrings from i went in and these specific earrings that you have they dont... i truly love them... please let me buy them from you!!!! please, please please.. :) you have them up on an instagram pic which i commented on today!

  39. Hey Carli!
    You and Brett are such an inspiration, thank you so much for sharing yourselves with all of us!

  40. Thank you for sharing this informative blog with us. Keep sharing.
    Anti Aging Cream

  41. Hi Carli! You are so beautiful and adorable ♥♥♥ I love and watch all of your vids ! I noticed how flawless your skin is and wanted to know from you which products you use and if birth control plays a roll in here ? xoxo

  42. Hello, I was just wondering what ring light do you use and where did you buy it?

  43. You are so amazing. I have only been following you for a month and you have changed my life. I feel more confident, positive, GIRLY lol I seriously thank God that there are good people like you. You seem so sincere and huge hearted. Such an insipiration.. GOD BLESS YOU!

  44. Hey Carli! I've recently started looking at your videos and I have to say that you are IMMENSELY talented! Your humility, friendliness and exceptional skills make it so easy to learn and follow. Watching your videos has made me feel so much more confident and feminine and I haven't felt like this in a really really long time...please continue posting and stay sweet! You have support from all the way in Trinidad W.I. :)

  45. Carlo your so beautiful! Your a huge inspiration!! I love watching your videos and you have such a intelligence for fashion! But i have a question. Did you go to a beauty or cosmetology school? If so, where???

  46. Just wondering what sort/brand of RING lighting do you use? :)

  47. Thanks for sharing personal information. Your a huge inspiration ! I live in Europe/ Belgium and u are more then welcome !! .. :D

  48. Im your biggest fan from Australia. Been following you from day one :) Was just wondering if you could please answer a question for me? What photo editor do you use? Xx

  49. I have hair that comes just below my shoulders... my hair color goal is your color. Would you recommend using a mix of both colors or just using one of the colors you mentioned?

  50. Hi carli. I'm a loyal fan of you, I see you answer questions and that's nice of you. My question is what is your current hair color I see your new hair color. I love your hair, my is naturally curly and I see you straightened your hair what did u use...and try to put more blogs about hair.....thank you.

  51. Hey carli :) just a quick question I have been trying to grow my hair for a year now and it has grown but it doesn't seem to be getting longer it just stops at my neck and its always been like that it cant seem to grow past my neck do you have any tips?

  52. Love this page. You have a natural beauty and I got curious if you do lip surgery.. and I conclude, you have a beautiful lip.:D Stay pretty.

  53. What lens do you use when filming with your camera? Is it the same one you use for taking pictures of OOTDs?

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  56. Carli may you update these questions? I was wondering what lighting you use now? You can definitely tell a difference in your videos! :D looks great!!

  57. Hi doll! What camera do you use and what's the lighting? I'm running a photo shoot session soon so please help. Kisses to you and thanks xoxo


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