All About My Keratin Treatment

Hi loves :) I've seen a ton of requests for this video ever since I posted that picture on instagram! (See below) The before and after of my Keratin treatment! I explain it all in the video, so I wont continue to ramble here :) Overall,  it has been incredible (so far)!! I will continue to keep you updated as the weeks pass! I hope this video helps for those maybe on the fence of getting one!! Just make sure you find someone you trust! Info on my ladyyyy (My friend Linsey) is listed below!! Email her if you are in the North Jersey Area!! XOXO Carli

Before & After the Treatment (Left Side is damp & Right is completely dried after the treatment)
Seen on Me:
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Tips when considering a Keratin treatment:
*1. Make sure to find a hair specialist to perform this treatment!!! If it is not done correctly,
there can be negative side effects. One being your hair will fall out! *Don't be
nervous about this though. As long as you find the right person, you will be A okay!!! 
*2. Do the proper research before you decide to go through with it.
3. Use the GK Keratin Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner (HERE)
to help keep your hair in the best condition & to last the longest. This is the treatment
that I got for my hair! If you try a different treatment, i'm sure the salon sells the
proper shampoo & conditioner for your hair :) Hope this helps my loves!!!

Anyone in the North Jersey Area (Wayne) Email my boo Linsey *I Highly recommend her!!!!

Check out My Video :)



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