Makeup Mistakes to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face

Hello my loves!!! I've had this video idea for awhile now but finally got around to filming it!!! I know a few other gurus have done a similar video, but I wanted to do MY take on it :D As a self taught makeup artist, I always figured out new tricks by first doing them all wrong. I have always been a trial and error girl! Now a days you can google or youtube any question you have and WA LAAA it pops up!! So here I am to talk you through each step to achieve a flawless look :) I am by no means bashing anyone by making this video. WE ALL HAVE done these mistakes! I hope you guys enjoy my take on this type of video! It was definitely a lot of fun to make for you guys!!! Makeup is all about accentuating your own natural beauty. When applied correctly it can really change your whole look. XOXO Carli
13 Makeup Tips for a Flawless Face!
1. For a flawless finish, apply a foundation primer before starting your makeup. I reccomend: Smashbox Color Correcting PrimerHERE

2. Choosing the right foundation shade is KEY! Try out a few testers at the store. I always like to get one (obviously as close as possible) but in the case there is only a shade lighter or darker, go with the lighter shade. Bronzer & contouring really darkens the finished look! I used L'Oreal Liquid Powder Foundation #320 HERE & #330 (for when I am tan)

3. ALWAYS blend your foundation onto your neck. We don't want it looking like a mask ladies!

4Fill in those BROWS! Don't over do it though. I have a full BROW tutorial so check it out HERE. I recommend using a pomade to shape the brow: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, Dark Brown HERE. Then fill it in with a powder for a NATURAL look. Whitening Lightning Brow Bar: Coupon Code: ZBROW | The reason for this is because the foundation lightens your eyebrow hairs, making them appear lighter.

5. Contouring and highlighting to really accentuate your features. I like to call this nonsurgical plastic surgery ;) Makeup is an art. Learn the contours of your face and where to apply each shade. You will love the results.

6. Apply your concealer NOT ONLY under your eyes, but also on the sides of your nose. This will really help lighten any dark shadows. In turn this will slim your nose!

7. Bronzer should only be applied on Certain Areas. We all love a good tan, but do not over due it. Apply a bronzer on your cheek bones, around your forehead, under your chin & all over your neck. *Don't apply this under your eyes. It will make your face appear muddy, and accentuate all the shadows on your face. (For this look we want to brighten those shadows!!!) Also remember to BLEND any lines you create with a foundation brush. I use: L'oreal True Match in Cocoa

8. A tiny blush goes a long way! Only apply this on your cheek bones. Then with a foundation brush blend the lines so it fades evenly from a paler color (the concealer) to the blush, to the bronzer. BH 10 Color Blush Palette: ONLY $11 HERE

9. Be careful with the smokey eye look. I really believe ANYONE can pull off a smokey eye. The key is understanding your eye shape and knowing where to apply the darkest colors. You can totally play around with darker shadows, don't be scared! It's fun to step outside your comfort zone.

10. Clumpy lashes.... OPTIONAL! Some of you know how I feel about this topic :) To each is own!

11. I Always apply mascara on my lower lashes. To me it doesn't seem complete until that point!

12. We all over draw our lips.. just do it right. Makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. Drawing the line TOO far over will have everyone starring... but for the wrong reasons. :X My fav liner is Jordana Lip Liner: Tawny

13. I LOVE all lip colors.... If you haven't seen my lipstick collection video ;D BUT I suggest a lighter shade when you apply a smokey eye! There are some cases where I think bold eyes and bold lips CAN work... but unless its a formal night time affair, I recommend lighter lips with bold eyes. 
I used:  MAC Lipstick in Pure Zen HERE

Watch the Tutorial:



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