My Current Diet Routine +TIPS with BrettCap

Hi hi hi! It's been over a year since my last "diet routine" video! I wanted to bring Brett in this time because he knows this stuff way better than me! We wanted to update you on the healthy foods we eat on a day to day basis. We plan on doing a part two to fill you in on fitness as well!! I hope this video helps for those looking to start up a diet, or anyone who just wants to live Healthy. It's so important to put good food into your body! Make sure to check out Brett's Health, Motivation & Fitness Channel: HERE! He's really helped me change my life for the better.. now it's your turn :) Love you muffins! XOXO Carli
Products Mentioned:
Mate Fit Teatox, Metabollic Boost & Goji Powder
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Vitamins we Take:
Fish Oil: HERE
Glucosamine HERE
Garcinia Cambogia: HERE 
Iron: HERE

Watch the Video:



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