My Makeup Collection +New Beauty Room!

Hi my love bugs! I feel very accomplished for organizing all of this the past few weeks! It used to be legit EVERYWHERE. (In my old place) It was so hard to try new products because I would lose them  before I got to try them! :O! I decided once I moved that I would take the time and do it right. Now I can really see everything I have and keep it NEAT! I wanted my beauty room to be my all white sanctuary. Complete opposite of my old room right?! It was PURE CHAOS and it really was hard to keep clean and neat. I know I have WAY to much makeup, but being in this industry for over 8 years … THIS WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN! ;P I used to be a freelance makeup artist, so I started my collection many many years ago! ALSO I am planning a HUGE back to school giveaway!! Make sure to comment below some prizes you'd love to win!! Love you muffins! Hope you enjoyed this video :) XOXO Carli

PS sorry I say DRAWER so 'weird' or Different ;P It's the jersey in me. I'm working on it!!!! hehe xoxo

Everything Seen in my Video!
My White Crystal Chandelier: HERE or HERE
(I got mine on sale! Keep checking back bc they always have sales!)
*Cheaper gorgeous white chandeliers: HERE HERE HERE HERE
White Vintage Mirror: Similar HERE or HERE
Ikea White Alex Drawers, 2 Wide (Stacked) & 2 Tall  Drawers
My White VanityVanity Girl Hollywood
Large SherrieBlossom Cube Organizers: HERE
Clear Acrylic Organizers: Lipstick Holders HERE
Compacts HERE, Eye Shadows HERE & Lip Glosses HERE
Large 60 Component Lipstick Holders: HERE
3 Tiered Acrylic Lipstick Holder HERE
Medium Sized Acrylic Drawers: HERE
Brush Holders: HERE & Others from Bed Bath & Beyond
Ice Cube Trays for Eyeshadows HERE
2 Acrylic Nail Polish Racks: HERE
White Flowers & Vases & Stones to Fill them are from Michaels
Three Cup Pencil Holders: Bed Bath & Beyond in Store
4 Cup Brush Holders: Bed Bath & Beyond in Store

Codes For Products Shown:
Gerard Glosses *Get 5 Glosses for $40! Use code; carli40 HERE

Watch the Video:



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