London Outfits! & VLOG!

Hello my loves!!! I feel like i've been gone forever!! Sorry about that. We got home from London Sunday night! It was SUCH a fun trip!! I wish we had more time to explore! My vlog is taking awhile to edit because there is just SO much footage!! Sorry again for the delay.. but I don't want to rush it. I am back to filming tomorrow!! YAY! I miss you guys so much!!! I have been sick the past few days, thats why I haven't gotten anything up sooner :( I am finally feeling a little better today. I hope you guys enjoy this post! I wanted to share where all my outfits were from. I also want to thank every single person I got to hug this weekend!! I absolutely LOVED meeting all of you. It was so incredible getting to talk to you guys one on one. Please Comment below what videos you want to seeee! I am back and ready to filmmmm ;)
XOXO Carli

Watch the VLOG!

Airport Outfit:
Gray JeansHERE | Gray Tshirt: Similar
Pink Trench CoatHERE | Apricot Heels: HERE
Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE | Celine Sunnies: HERE
Pink Luggage is a few years old from Macy's!
Double Gold Necklace20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
EarringsPrincess P Jewelry 20% off code: carlixoxo HERE

hahaha! How funny is this?

Day 1 Outfit:
Rose Print Romper: Sold Out Pants Version: HERE
Khaki Green Trench Coat HERE SIMILAR
Similar Green Trenches: HERE HERE
Similar Affordable Floral Rompers: 1, 2, 3
Double Gold Necklace20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
EarringsPrincess P Jewelry 20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
 Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE | Gold Ring: HERE
Dinner Outfit:
Khaki Turtleneck Top: HERE | Khaki Pants: HERE
Black Heels: HERE | Givenchy Medium Antigoa Bag: HERE
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 Day 2 Outfit:
Black Midi Skirt: HERE | Black & White Crop Top: HERE
Camel & Black Heels: HERE or HERE | Jean Jacket: HERE Similar
Black Fringe Clutch: HERE | Gold RingHERE
Earrings20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
Double Gold Necklace20% off code: carlixoxo HERE
Thank you Fyza for doing my makeup!! You are AMAZING<3
Beautycon Outfit:
Taupe Turtle Neck: HERE | Lace Shorts: HERE
BCBG Heels: Last Year sold out
White & Gold Hermes Bracelet THANKS BABY :D
(more pics coming soon!!)



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