My First Time w/ Brett Cap | +Snapchat Q&A

Hey suga pies!! FIRST OFF I am LOVING all of your giveaway entries! The winners will be chosen by random BY TONIGHT! Sorry for the delay. I wanted to watch & like every single one before I did the random selection. You all are EVERYTHING to me. Every video is making me cry. Why? Idk if i'm just EXTRA emotional  - but its just such a beautiful thing we all did. I am so proud of all of you!!! Thanks to everyone who entered. 
Today I am posting a video Brett & I filmed yesterday. Even though he was in pain and has a sling - he still sat down and filmed with me. He's such a trooper - a pooper trooper  ;P We started playing the "My first time" tag but didn't love all the questions. A lot of them were silly so we decided to ask you guys to send us questions on Snapchat. I LOVED SEEING YOUR FACES. Seriously! I will def be doing more of these. I hope you guys enjoy this video :) We both LOVE you all so so much!!! XOXO Carli & Brett

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