Hellooo again :) YAY For finally getting up my long awaited spring haul!! LOL! I've wanted to film this for over a month and finally got it done friday! I hope you guys enjoy my big spring haul! I love sharing new outfits that I picked  out with you guys! Sometimes when I wear an outfit its already sold out by the time I can post about it. So I like to show you ahead of time some of the new arrivals :) Do you guys enjoy these fashion hauls?? I know you've been wanting a try on haul. Promise that will be next :) QUESTION! Do you guys prefer my old fashion blog posts or the mirror pictures i've been posting on @thefashionbybel instagram? Let me know because I would love to hear your feedback!!! I leave for London TOMORROW! I havent even packed yet so off I go. I will be back with videos ASAP!! And I will be vlogging (most likely if I get the AOK) I've been working on something SOOOO EXCITING for about 8 months now. I cannot wait to share! SO SOON!!! LOVE YOU ANGELS!!!

Camel Faux Suede Dress: HERE
Hair Tutorial: HERE

White Flowy Top: HERE
White Lace Shorts: HERE
White Sabo Playsuit: OOS
White Lace Jumpsuit: HERE
Cream Sabo Playsuit: 15% off: CARLISABO HERE
Tan Crotchet One Piece: HERE
Camel Crop Top 10% off: Bybel10 HERE
Camel Pants: 10% off: Bybel10 HERE
Camel Shiney Bodysuit: HERE
Taupe Silk Playsuit: HERE
Toffee Bodysuit: 10% off: Bybel10 HERE
Red Crop Top: HERE
Red Shell Shorts: HERE
Red Gown: HERE
Army Print Dress: HERE
Camel Silk Playsuit: HERE
Sequin Sports Bra: HERE
Gray Onesie 15% off: Bybel15 HERE
Gray Dress: 15% off: CARLISABO HERE
Green Sabo Top 15% off: CARLISABO HERE
Green Sabo Shorts: 15% off: CARLISABO HERE
Khaki Shiny Bodysuit: HERE
Jean Dress: HERE
Black Pearl Studded Crop Top HERE
Black and White Jumpsuit 15% off: Bybel15 HERE
Black Crotchet Jumpsuit: HERE
Asos Fringe Bodysuit: OOS
Black Fringe Boots HERE
Sheer Skirt Black: 15% off: Bybel15 HERE
Sheer Skirt White: 15% off: Bybel15 HERE



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